Women's Sweaters & Cardigans


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Star Embroidery Knitted Top-Mauv StudioStar Embroidery Knitted Top-Mauv Studio
Star Embroidery Knitted Top
Sale price €43,95
Sheep Embroidery Knitted Cardigan-Mauv StudioSheep Embroidery Knitted Cardigan-Mauv Studio
Sheep Embroidery Knitted Cardigan
Sale price €50,95
Y2K Wavy Striped Knitted Sweater-Mauv StudioY2K Wavy Striped Knitted Sweater-Mauv Studio
Y2K Wavy Striped Knitted Sweater
Regular price €105,95 Sale price €68,95
Dinosaur Knitted Sweater-Mauv StudioDinosaur Knitted Sweater-Mauv Studio
Dinosaur Knitted Sweater
Sale price €56,95
College Style Short Sleeve Sweater-Mauv StudioCollege Style Short Sleeve Sweater-Mauv Studio
College Style Short Sleeve Sweater
Sale price €66,95
Cropped Design Zip-Up Cardigan-Mauv StudioCropped Design Zip-Up Cardigan-Mauv Studio
Cropped Design Zip-Up Cardigan
Regular price €89,95 Sale price €58,95
Kuromi Buttoned Black Cardigan-Mauv StudioKuromi Buttoned Black Cardigan-Mauv Studio
Kuromi Buttoned Black Cardigan
Sale price €52,95
Kuromi Buttoned Purple Cardigan-Mauv StudioKuromi Buttoned Purple Cardigan-Mauv Studio
Kuromi Buttoned Purple Cardigan
Sale price €48,95
Pompurin Buttoned Yellow Cardigan-Mauv StudioPompurin Buttoned Yellow Cardigan-Mauv Studio
Pompurin Buttoned Yellow Cardigan
Sale price €48,95
Cinnamoroll Buttoned Blue Cardigan-Mauv StudioCinnamoroll Buttoned Blue Cardigan-Mauv Studio
Cinnamoroll Buttoned Blue Cardigan
Sale price €48,95
My Melody Buttoned Pink Cardigan-Mauv StudioMy Melody Buttoned Pink Cardigan-Mauv Studio
My Melody Buttoned Pink Cardigan
Sale price €48,95
Weirdcore Dog Sweater-Mauv StudioWeirdcore Dog Sweater-Mauv Studio
Weirdcore Dog Sweater
Regular price €82,95 Sale price €67,95
Grunge Distressed Striped Sweater-Mauv StudioGrunge Distressed Striped Sweater-Mauv Studio
Grunge Distressed Striped Sweater
Sale price €46,95
Grunge Distressed Knit Sweater-Mauv StudioGrunge Distressed Knit Sweater-Mauv Studio
Grunge Distressed Knit Sweater
Sale price €44,95
Light Academia Argyle Sweater Vest-Mauv StudioLight Academia Argyle Sweater Vest-Mauv Studio
Light Academia Argyle Sweater Vest
Sale price €65,95
Light Academia Sweater Vest-Mauv StudioLight Academia Sweater Vest-Mauv Studio
Light Academia Sweater Vest
Regular price €86,95 Sale price €58,95
Dark Academia Half Argyle Sweater Vest-Mauv StudioDark Academia Half Argyle Sweater Vest-Mauv Studio
Dark Academia Half Argyle Sweater Vest
Sale price €60,95
Indie Flame Knitted Sweater-Green-S-Mauv StudioIndie Flame Knitted Sweater-Blue-S-Mauv Studio
Indie Flame Knitted Sweater
Sale price €60,95
Argyle Knitted Cardigan-Mauv StudioArgyle Knitted Cardigan-Mauv Studio
Argyle Knitted Cardigan
Sale price €50,95
Light Academia Crop Sweater Vest-Mauv StudioLight Academia Crop Sweater Vest-Mauv Studio
Light Academia Crop Sweater Vest
Sale price €38,95
V Neck Crop Cardigan-Beige-One Size-Mauv StudioV Neck Crop Cardigan-Beige-One Size-Mauv Studio
One Size
V Neck Crop Cardigan
Sale price €37,95

Hey, it's Elisa! 🌟 Looking to elevate your wardrobe with some standout sweaters and cardigans? Mauv Studio has got you covered! Our collection combines the best of Y2K, Kawaii, and Soft girl trends so you can flaunt your unique look with confidence.

Y2K Sweaters and Cardigans: Love the Y2K aesthetic? We do too! Our pastel-colored and fun-patterned sweaters and cardigans will let you create outfits that perfectly reflect your style. Whether you're out with friends or chilling at home, these pieces are perfect for a retro and trendy look.

Aesthetic Sweaters and Cardigans: For those who like to stand out with unique looks, our Aesthetic collection features sweaters and cardigans inspired by grunge, gothic, and vintage styles. Whether you opt for bold designs or more subtle patterns, you'll find something that fits your vibe for a style that's all about you.

Kawaii and Soft girl Sweaters and Cardigans: If you're into cute and adorable looks, our Kawaii and Soft girl selection is just for you. With pastel hues, cute prints, and comfy cuts, these pieces are perfect for expressing your fun and girly side while staying cozy and stylish.

Join the streetwear trend with our women's sweaters and cardigans. Explore our collection at Mauv Studio and find your unique style today!