The great return of the vintage streetwear fashion

Vintage streetwear is finally making a comeback, from grunge to  vintage chic to sporty looks or vintage outfits, vintage streetwear is everywhere, and it can be seen on everyone from Travis Scott to  Kanye West and many other fashion or art influencers.

Looking casual has never been easier than with retro vintage streetwear. You may want to add some new outfits to your wardrobe or feel like a fashion influencer while walking the streets with an old look from 30 or 40 years ago
It's hard to get rid of your love for the 80s/90s with unforgettable retro style.
if you take a look at the streetwear collections created between 2014 and today, the sense of 90s nostalgia is very much present. Yes, some elements of the 80s may have been incorporated, and Generation Z is caught up in a Y2K frenzy, but the 90s are the keystone of it all.

Experimental collections of generally unisex streetwear for men and women may emerge from time to time, but the overall scene is built on a foundation that was built over 20 years ago.
This is also the decade when sportswear officially became casual. You could say this trend developed in the 80s, but the 90s saw tracksuit bottoms and Champion sweatshirts become everyday staples.
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The average skateboarding enthusiast can't really afford Supreme or Thrasher  anymore; these styles are more reserved for those with a high income.

The trends of the 90's were very different from the 2000's and 2010's (obviously). While we focus on earth tones, minimalism and the beauty of cut and fabric, the 90s valued color and the aesthetic of design and color. With all this love for color and pattern (mainly logos and such), any 90s outfit should incorporate a healthy dose of color.
Primary colors are the most appropriate, and the best way to create vibrant and fun 90's outfits is to take inspiration from them and find appropriate color blocks with those primary colors. In addition to color blocks and primary colors
If you're going for a more raw grunge or punk look, you can always incorporate washed out clothing into your wardrobe.

However, a universal rule for 90s clothing is to keep it loose. 90s clothing was rarely very tight and fitted (including jeans), so feel free to pull out an old pair of straight cut wide leg jeans and test them out and wear them to get the look you're going for.
You can discover our selection of jeans streetwear and urban, with straight or wide comfort cuts with a paint effect, ripped holes with one or two side bands for the current urban style, short ankles, with zip or with buttons, faded effect, destroy, sober and more.
The looser and more flowing the fit, the closer you get to 90s streetwear. This is especially useful for more alternative looks, as grunge kids, punks, skateboarders and riders all appreciated the comfort and looser cuts of jeans and shirts.

Hoodies and jackets are staples of urban vintage streetwear. Try a vintage windbreaker or vintage Kway from the 1980s (80s) to stand out, or start a collection of vintage crewnecks and hoodies to include in your streetwear rotation.

You don't have to have been an athlete to wear a vintage t-shirt or sports jersey casually. Soccer or basketball jerseys and vintage sportswear are generally common garments that you'll see worn by all sorts of retro streetwear enthusiasts

Comfortable and practical with plenty of pockets, vintage cargo pants are another essential piece for anyone who wants to embrace the retro vintage streetwear style.
Everybody knows what a t-shirt is. However, do you know that this casual wear can be trendy and cool when styled appropriately? Our variety of men's summer t-shirts come in all designs, colours, and materials.
Vintage trends are easy to follow. There is a lot of variety in what is considered streetwear, and there are more than enough retro clothing styles for every taste and everyone.

Many streetwear brands are making a comeback thanks to this hot Retro Vintage Old School trend. 
To complete your Vintage Look or Style we will give you some ideas of accessories to complete your retro outfit

Examples : Glasses, Necklaces, Rings, Vintage Watches, iPhone phone cases
You can find exclusive pieces from the 80's and 90's in second hand stores, vintage shops, thrift stores or new collections inspired by vintage models, cuts and colors from the 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's...

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